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Absolutely Rubbish.Written on: 27/08/2014 by CookieMonster76 (2 ratings written)

Absolutely Rubbish.Written on: 27/08/2014 by CookieMonster76 (2 ratings written)

CANCELLING MY BILLING SUBSCRIPTION thus I go to find the method to cancel it, I remembered that in said it may be terminated during my Account section, I looked and mightn’t find this anywhere, we looked and seemed, and considering I programmed my very own dating sites, I was thinking this isn’t after all user friendly to cancel, and so I viewed the url, and even though if we keyed in (all lowercase) and hey presto I became in, we look down and I also found billing history I click on that and discovered and switch finally saying cancel perform billing, when i need certainly to go through numerous questions to access a point saying you payment will likely be terminated please call a quantity. Its a premium price number, therefore I call get subjected to from what i really believe had been individuals from an Oriental backgrounds,I talk with a guy who asks which web site I have always been using,(they have lots) and I also make sure he understands I want to cancel my registration and also to make certain i will not be billed any more, he asks for my user id quantity which I give him, then he asks me why i do want to cancel it therefore I say because its filled with , then he informs me i will have utilization of the web site free for a supplementary two weeks at no cost in my experience, We declined, and asked him politely to simply cancel my subscription and make me a totally free user once more, but he would not get it, therefore I quickly got frustrated, therefore I informed him that then agreed to cancel my subscription, I also asked him to delete my profile, he agreed but he was getting rude, so I asked for this all to be put into an email once it was done and hung up if he didn’t cancel my subscription I would inform the Information Commissioners Office(ICO) about data protection breaches, he. An email is received by me saying my payment registration had bee terminated and another saying my profile was in fact DELETED, maybe not deactivated but DELETED stating I would personally no further get access to the website. Brilliant!! At last or so I thought!

Then I have a message saying some one had left me an email, i do believe clearly not too, we return to the site,i did not have even to join now, they have snacks which stored all my information on my computer(They never mention this), thus I am back in, initial thing I do is check always my account, I’m a free of charge member, brilliant at the very least he did the one thing I asked, then all of a sudden some notification pops up and I also clicked onto it, i do believe it absolutely was you’ve got a message, then we get a contact saying We have registered again for the next 3 times.

I am straight on the phone this is certainly Fraud, they state they don’t store my card information as I never gave my card details a second time and.

I have through to a female whom obviously can not realize much English,We tell her We utilized benaughty explained my situation told her I wanted my cash refunded as well as for my membership to be cancelled and my profile removed.

She asked my to describe this 5 times, then explained she’d transfer me to the “Main Office”, brilliant, I get the subject of to a lady who sounded very similar to the lady i simply talked to, anyhow i possibly could have now been incorrect.

I explain just what had happened,she said i possibly could get 30 days free, We told her no and simply asked her to accomplish when I asked, she then could not know very well what I became going on about as her computer was telling her I became a totally free user, I informed her I becamen’t and therefore I’d been billed twice and I also could be contacting the authorities as this is a fraudulent deal, she then finally realised that maybe she have to do when I asked and told me everything have been terminated and another load of email messages will be delivered. I hung up and think finally I am down that web site.

Nope, I happened to be nevertheless a part I was nevertheless a full user and absolutely nothing was in fact cancelled.

I emailed them, using the contact form, I us complaint as the subject and wrote the Following so I thought enough is enough

Dear Sir / Madam,

We have called twice now and talked to 3 different people with regards to cancelling my perform billing, deletion of my account plus the fraudulent deals, I’ve e-mails from BeNaughty stating We my biling was in fact cancelled and my account happens to be deleted, but alas these were all lies, is it possible to please email me your appropriate departments contact details so I can deliver a inform my solicitors therefore the Police who to send court papers to for fraud as well as for breaches associated with the credit rating Act, my current email address is EMAIL OMITTED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

You can easily avoid all action that is legal i shall withdraw my complaint towards the Police when you do the following within twenty four hours.

1) Cancel and refund me my billing membership that you have fraudulent taken without my permission.

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2) Delete my account, my profile, my charge card details, and just about every other information in relation to myself.

3) forward me another e-mail saying the above mentioned two points have now been done.

You know what – it worked an email was got by me stating it my refund was authorised and that my account was DELETED.

I did not think them, but I was thinking I want to attempt to pretend to recuperate my password at the least I quickly won’t reactivate the account if all they will have done is deactivated it, and low and behold, my email address was not recognised.

This web site is rubbish, they will steal your hard earned money, you may not manage to cancel your account, along with your membership could end up costing you ВЈ100’s.

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