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Use It: Hidden Tricks Inside Of Smart Screen App For Android Devices That Nobody Knows [Part 2].

Samsung’s One UI is one of the most dependable user interfaces out there. It has its fair share of quirks, for sure, but almost all the features work like a charm. Smart View — Samsung’s screen mirroring tool — is not notorious for being buggy. However, there have been a couple of instances where users have reported random disconnects and crashes. Click on the blue icon will pop open a small window, where you can pause the screen mirroring, change the device, and disconnect the device. In this piece, we’ll take a look at how to run Smart View effectively and even give a solution to its random disconnection problem.

Wireless DeX on TV is a true second screen experience — you can keep using your phone as a phone while it powers the DeX interface on your TV. It’s ideal for sharing content like PowerPoint presentations or videos, but you can also connect a keyboard and mouse and use the TV as a monitor for productivity work. If you are using the multiport adapter, you can also connect your phone’s charging cable to the adapter’s USB-C port. Those using the DeX cable can keep their phone charged by placing it on a wireless charger while using DeX.

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I cannot find this on the LG website nor in the manual. Try to do an update or restart your phone to default configuration from settings after backing up your files. Just appeared today on my home screen and cannot remove it or move to another screen. Have you done an update of your LG before this icon started appearing? The reason i am asking is that either a new app or an update might have made it to start appearing on your phone.

If you’re phone isn’t responding and you can’t power off the phone with the power button, then you might need to pull the battery out, count to ten, and then put the battery back in. Just don’t power the phone back on if you have to reinsert the battery. If you’re having problems accessing your factory data reset options through the settings then you can still perform a factory reset on your Android Smartphone and this article will show you how to do it.

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Very noble and wise my friend; I would be more click the following article than happy to help you wipe your phone clean before passing it onto someone else. It depends on what is actually causing your touch screen to be unresponsive. If it happens sometimes and not other times then it sounds more like the microphone itself might be lose, not connected properly, or is malfunctioning. You can perform a backup and reset for good measure, which I often recommend but if it doesn’t seem to help then you will need to look into your repair options. I actually wrote a whole article about trying to get into an Android smartphone when its password has been forgotten.

  • Try the reset a few more times until it appears that everything has been removed from the phone.
  • Should be the one but it doesnt get the phone to start at all.
  • Apple TV, Chromecast, and a variety of other hardware receivers are available.
  • To enable a predefined configuration, you can pass any of them as an extra configuration file argument after the main Smart Screen SDK configuration file argument when running the Sample App.
  • I have a feeling that these quick suggestions will allow you to have access to the Play Store application on your LG Optimus again but if you still have issues then let me know and we can go from there.